Let Us Empower The Artisans


We root for not only the beauty and quality of handmade pieces but also the fact that tradition, rich cultural heritage and the craft should be preserved and celebrated. We strongly believe that supporting communities by helping them to gracefully exist and building up their craft further has immeasurable value. It provides an alternative to manufacture pieces in large scale and also empowers the involved communities financially and socially.


Alone we can walk for a few steps, together we can go miles!

That is the reason that we search endowed artisan communities across India and partner with them so as to produce amazing pieces of handicrafts and handlooms. Each piece has its own story to tell due to being from various parts of the country. Every piece is made using traditional and time-tested practices.

We partner with artisans from almost all the corners of India. Every artisan comes with a different kind of dexterity, skill, and style of working that instill the much-needed flavor to every piece of art and add value to our initiative. We ensure to pass on our profits for the purpose of changing the lives of people involved in this initiative.


An initiative becomes beautiful when it serves a purpose!

While exploring and building up our relationship with our new artisan partners, we strive to know each group and its members by personally visiting them and understanding their culture and style of work. ‘Angel of Trust’ was initiated by ‘Bhartiya Vikas Sansthan’, a pioneer organization serving the country since the last 25 years and Bindura with a vision of creating lasting relationships with artisans and making a difference in their lives.

Our travel to meet artisans whenever feasible enables us to ensure that they are getting a great work atmosphere and fair treatment. We are able to help them with a sustainable source of income throughout the year.


We maintain transparency with our artisans as well as customers. Being our customer, you have every right to know the reason why we charge the way we do.


Creating handicrafts is something that requires the heart and soul of artisans and hence it cannot be finished in a hurry. We make sure that we pay our artisans’ fair wages according to the established norms.


We ensure using the best quality raw materials and finishing for creating a marvelous piece of handwork. Excellent quality raw materials bring in the much needed finest quality.


We work with artisans and form a long lasting social partnership turning it into a social business. Our idea is to work in the best interests of our artisans and craftsmen using various methods.


Our supply chain is really complex owing to duty costs, shipping, taxes etc. We never leave a single stone unturned to optimize our supply chain and pass on any savings to our customers.


We sell directly to our customer, without keeping any scope for any middlemen and hence cost is reduced helping us to keep our mark-up well below the retailing norm.